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Offering the best little delights and exquisite arts and crafts.

All of our products are handmade and unique.

Only our little delights are made to order for the freshest produce.

Shipping only in the US for now.

Thank you for visiting our official page and we hope you enjoy our delightful products!

Fancy Flavors First Official FREE Giveaway!

All five of our giveaways are made ofswarovski crystals!


Vanilla- a white swarovski elephant who enjoys eating salted peanuts during her lunch breaks. She’s a very timid but loving little creature. She comes with a 10mm rose swarovski crystal heart.

Cherri- a pink swarovski elephant who loves long walks on the beach and watching Spongebob Squarepants in the evenings with all her friends. She comes with a 10mm purple swarovski crystal heart.

Pluto- a brown and tan swarovski clumsy fawn who needs a loving parent to keep her on the right path! no matter how hard she tries to fit in with the other animals, she keeps tripping over her own feet. Keep her happy with a plate full of crab apples and grapes!

Peanut- a tan and light brown swarovski chipmunk who loves snacking on acorns for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He needs loving parents who can keep up with his little appetite! Peanut comes with a deep red 10mm swarovski heart to keep you full of love!

Autumn- a bright yellow swarovski duck who loves swimming with company and spending her time admiring her reflection in the river.

Swarovski is well known for their high quality crystals. All of these charms come with a removable black phone strap and everything on them is made of swarovski crystals except for their eyes. Each figure is about 1 inch in height and width except for Pluto. Pluto is about 2 inches in height and 1 inch in width.

Listed Pricings:

Vanilla: $25

Cherri: $25

Pluto: $40

Peanut: $25

Autumn: $25

Total giveaway pricing:  $140 dollars!!


This giveaway is starting today on feb 21st, 2012 and will be ending in 4 weeks: March 21st, 2012 (Tuesday). We will check for the following rules above! Please play fair!

We will be using a randomizer to pick our winner! Don’t worry, we’ll screenshot that for you when the winner is picked :] We DON’T ship internationally!

Check out our lovely little store here! Our shop is constantly being updated so keep in tune Fancies!

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